Valley Brook Country Club is a member owned, nonprofit social club established over a half a century ago.
The Club has authorized 350 Senior memberships as well as Intermediate and Social membership opportunities.

Our athletic facilities include:
• 27 Hole Golf Course
• Championship Size Swimming Pool with Fully Renovated Dining and Bar Areas
• Two Outdoor Platform Tennis Courts
• State of the Art Driving Range and Short Game Practice Area

Our dining facilites include:

• A Mixed Grill Member Dining Room with Full Bar and Patio Dining, a large Men's Grill Room with Full Bar, a Full-Sized Events Ballroom with Bar, and several other private Dining Rooms.


We are Valley Brook Country Club

Vision and Mission

To be the country club of choice in southwestern Pennsylvania for members who want a great golf experience and a high quality, family and social atmosphere.
As a family oriented, private club, our commitment is to provide members, guests and customers with exceptional golfing, dining, social and swimming experiences.  By fostering a culture of excellence based on tradition, exceptional service, outstanding facilities and fiscal responsibility, we will provide premier value for our members and prospective members.

Core Values

We seek to treat members, guests and staff with respect and integrity.   We welcome all viewpoints, and to be fair, honest and consistent in our dealings with members and staff.
Customer Service
The management, staff and Board of Directors will strive at all times to provide the utmost in quality and service.
Fiscal responsibility
We are at all times fiscally responsible to our members and make certain to strike a balance between member satisfaction and economic responsibility.  
We aim to be transparent in all actions taken by the Board of Directors and openly communicate all decisions and policies to our membership.


Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of Valley Brook Country Club to provide its Members, their guests, and other members of the public, access to all of the Club’s facilities without regard to a person’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, ancestry, familial status, or military status. This policy applies to all of the accommodations, advantages, facilities or privileges of the Club.

Our History

The Origin Story

The origin of Valley Brook Country Club started at the Mt. Lebanon Municipal Golf Course. Prior to World War II, a group of Mt. Lebanon residents who frequently played on the Municipal course formed a group called the “Mt. Lebanon Golf Club.” Note the name is Mt. Lebanon Golf Club and not Mt. Lebanon Country Club.
The Mt. Lebanon Golf Club organized golf events and parties at the Municipal course that was an 18-hole golf course prior to World War II. After WWII, when housing was scarce, the Mt. Lebanon Township Commissioners sold the back nine holes of the Municipal golf course to developers. That land is now part of the Sunset Hills residential section of Mt. Lebanon. The Mt. Lebanon Golf Club members were not satisfied to play on the Municipal course, which only had nine holes. Therefore, they searched the area and found the property on McMurray Road that eventually became Rolling Hills Country Club.
The Mt. Lebanon Golf Club members constructed an 18-hole golf course on the McMurray Road property shortly after World War II.  They originally used the old farmhouse as a temporary clubhouse. Mr. H.A.P. “Hap” Langstaff was the first President of our Club and he was extremely instrumental in organizing the original group that purchased the McMurray Road property and constructed the original Mt. Lebanon Golf Club golf course. However, as time went by, the Mt. Lebanon Golf Club improved the old farmhouse and added several additions to it. Also, the swimming pool was constructed between the clubhouse and the Pro Shop.
In the early 1960’s the Mt. Lebanon Golf Club members decided it was time to build the new clubhouse on the area behind the ninth and eighteenth tees. But some members mentioned it would cost as much to build the new clubhouse behind those two tees as it would to build the new clubhouse at another location where the Club could construct a new 27-hole golf course.
The Club really needed 27 holes because play at Mt. Lebanon Golf Course was very heavy. In the early 1960’s a committee was formed for the purpose of finding a suitable site for the new clubhouse and a 27-hole golf course. One of our long time members, Mr. U.C. “Henry” Bernabei, located and explored many farms in this area before he found the land upon which Valley Brook Country Club is now located. Our present land was put together from two farms and a piece of land that was owned by the Consolidation Coal Company.
This land was acquired by the Club, construction of the new 27-hole golf course and clubhouse was started in 1966, and completed in the spring of 1968. During the course of construction the Club asked the members to submit names for the new Club. The Club selected the name Valley Brook Country Club. The original architects of the course were James G. Harrison and Ferdinand Garbin.  Robert Trent Jones Sr. arrived 7 years later and redesigned the Greens and Bunkers of the Red Nine.   

Employment Opportunities

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